Sponsorship Bootcamp 360 Virtual Series

The NTC Sponsorship Bootcamp virtual series follows the live workshop content but is broken down into six ninety-minute modules.


“I know many of us are zoomed-out, so the workshops are formatted in bite-sized pieces “ stated NTC Founder Joanne Veltri.


The big advantage of these short intense sessions is that registration is limited to 5 people. This is so that each registrant will get personal attention that is simply not possible in large zoom room settings “ she continued.


Each module will be offered twice per week with a third offering should there be a waiting list.

About the NTC Virtual Workshop Series

Who Can Benefit from Sponsorship 360?

Sponsorship 360 is designed for any person at a nonprofit and charitable organization who has responsibility for generating revenue, such as:


  •  executive directors
  •  fundraising coordinators and managers
  •  marketing coordinators and managers
  •  event managers and marketers
  •  volunteers responsible for raising funds

Whether you are starting a sponsorship program or re-igniting an existing one, the Sponsorship for Non-Profits 360 Series will help you develop and implement an action plan that delivers results. NTC’s comprehensive series leads registrants through a proven design, sales, and delivery process to sponsorship gold.


The virtual workshops small room dynamic creates an interactive format, strong exchange dialogue and greater attention to individual attendees.

At Sponsorship 360, you will learn how to:

  •  develop a strategic sponsorship strategy
  •  create a fully diversified revenue generation plan
  •  evaluate your organization’s assets and leverage them to a financial advantage
  •  create sponsorship magic from commonplace programs
  •  determine the fair market value of your sponsorship offerings
  •  find the right sponsorship partners for your organization
  •  prepare winning proposals and customize recruitment tools to attract sponsors
  •  move value-in-kind relationships into cash partnerships
  •  develop and maintain mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships


Module 1:

Strategic Planning

The Sponsorship Foundation

Knowing what sponsors want, and how they make decisions and evaluate opportunities is key to your strategic planning success. This introductory seminar will take you inside the minds of potential sponsors, to help you understand what they look for in sponsorship opportunities and what ultimately motivates them to buy. This critical insight will prove invaluable to your organization’s strategic plans, empowering you to stand out in the crowd and attract and retain sponsors.

Module 2:

Developing an Actionable Strategic Sponsorship Plan

For serious sponsorship consideration most charities and non-profits will need a solid strategy to attract the limited attention of Canada’s corporate sector. Your strategic planning should start with environmental analytics, a solid understanding of the market and a powerful grasp of your specific challenges and opportunities.

The most successful strategies:


  •  acknowledge the factors that could potentially impede your success
  •  identify the opportunities that will improve your effort
  •  emphasize what your organization can realistically offer
  •  specify the work that must be done to effectively compete in your marketplace

In this workshop, you will learn how to:


  •  conduct an opportunity-driven sponsorship audit
  •  understand how marketing and communications impacts your revenue priorities
  •  create competitive differentiators
  •  identify what you have to sell
  •  assess the barriers to your goals and prepare solutions for them
  •  implement revenue diversification into your plan
  •  build new revenue-generating assets and properties
  •  determine what benefits your organization can offer a sponsor
  •  convert assets into marketable sponsor benefits
  •  produce a suite of differentiated properties that represent annual and multi-year revenue
  •  assess the feasibility of cause marketing, affinity programs and CSR for your plan
  •  overcome limited inventory and boost sponsorship values

Module 3:

Sponsor Recruitment & Delivery

Part A – Driving Your Sponsorship Strategy

Once a strategic sponsorship plan is developed, it’s time to organize the infrastructure to make it happen.

This section focuses on building the sponsorship model, including:


  •  creating a rights and benefits infrastructure
  •  building a platform to support a family of sponsors
  •  offering tier sponsorship from naming, presenting, official and supplier-level designations
  •  employing pricing and valuation methods
  •  leveraging strategic recruitment tools, packaging and win-win proposals
  •  adding tactics to motivate multi-year sponsorships
  •  using marketing and equity optimizers for boosting sponsorship values

Module 4:

Sponsor Recruitment & Delivery

Part B – Sponsor Recruitment

Identifying a great sponsorship opportunity is not the same as closing a deal. This section discusses proven methods for recruiting sponsors and offers solutions to overcome common recruitment challenges.

In this section, you will learn how to:


  •  apply the three primary recruitment approaches that should frame all your pitches
  •  identify potential sponsors that have a strategic fit with your assets and proprieties
  •  learn how to locate the elusive decision maker
  •  build a strong prospect plan through proven methods, such as a prospect map
  •  qualify for the best sponsors

Module 5:

Selling Your Properties

Boosting Equity + Adding Value

In this section, you will learn how to:


  •  build equity boosters
    + add new revenue values to your program
  •  overcome sales barriers
  •  connect with the elusive decision-maker
  •  plan sales meeting strategies
  •  incorporate front-end sponsorship activations
  •  tailor a plan to the specific business category of a prospect

Module 6:

Delivering the Sponsorship

Return on Investment

A sponsorship is not a partnership until it is completely fulfilled. This section focuses on management efficiencies, stewardship and building partnerships by ensuring a sponsorship return on its investment.

In this section, you will learn how to:

  •  measure and evaluate data to support sponsor needs
  •  decide what information should be reported to sponsors
  •  manage a successful naming partnership
  •  create win-win contracts and legally binding agreements
  •  build sustainable long-term partnerships
  •  master the care and feeding of sponsors
  •  prepare mutually beneficial agreements that protect you and your organization

Sponsorship 360 Virtual Series

Workshop Fees l Course Calendar l Registration




Limited Registration!


Workshops are limited to 5 people per session.
Whether it’s live in person or virtual workshop, our brand MO is to ensure focused attention for each registrant.

Once a registration is made, NTC requests information on the registered organization. This allows the instructor to address specific issues, as well incorporate content, and topics relevant to the registrant.





Workshop Fees


  • One individual 90-minute virtual workshop: $55. + GST
  • Full 6-module workshop series: $250. + GST


Registration Fees Include:

  • Templates and tools supporting major discussion areas
  • Best practice proposal examples
  • Workshop Presentation Content
  • Opportunity for post workshop feedback with instructor





Course Calendar


Spring 2022

Virtual workshops run weekly for six weeks starting April 6
with a Tuesday or Wednesday option for each module.

Workshops run at 9 AM PST, 10 AM MTN,
11 AM Prairie Time and


 • Click a date below to register to a Module •


Module 1   Strategic Planning


Module 3   Sponsor Recruitment & Delivery
Part A – Driving Your Sponsorship Strategy


Module 4   Sponsor Recruitment & Delivery
Part B – Sponsor Recruitment


Module 5   Selling Your Properties and Adding Value


Module 6   Delivering the Sponsorship Return on Investment















Fall 2022

Virtual workshops run twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays
at 9 AM PST, 10 AM MTN, 11 AM Prairie Time and NOON EST.


  •  The Fall Schedule will start on September 19 and end on October 25.
  •  The Fall calendar registration will open May 1, 2022.




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Module 3:

Sponsor Recruitment
& Delivery

Part A
– Driving Your Sponsorship Strategy

Part B

Sponsor Recruitment